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Les outils proposés par ce site

TWiki, le logiciel libre moteur de ce site, offre de nombreux outils de recherche, de repérage et de suivi de l'information et de l'activité du site.


Web Search is an extremely fast and flexible search facility, part of the core TWiki feature set. Web Search Advanced offers more options, including:
  • topic title or full-text search
  • regular expressions
  • search within web or site-wide
  • index-style A-Z alphabetical listing sorted topic title
  • many more

See also: Search Help for help; TWiki Variables and Formatted Search for including hard-coded searches in text.

Notification des changements par mails

Chaque espace possède un système automatique de notification des changements par courrier électronique. Sur Telem ce service est actif une fois par jour, vers minuit. Pour bénéficier de ce système, il suffit de s'abonner en ajoutant son nom à la liste des abonnés recenser dans la page spéciale Web Notify présente dans chaque espace. Par exemple :

Un usager s'abonne à tous les changements de l'espace en donnat son nom wiki ou une adresse mail:

Un usager abonné aux changements effectués dans quelques pages (séparées par des espaces) :

Il est aussi possible d'utiliser le "joker" * qui remplace n'importe qu'elle suite de lettre. Par exemple la ligne suivante informera M. Marx de tous les changement apparus dans les pages dont le nom débute par Spectacle.
  • GrouchoMarx: Spectacle*

Il existe de nombreuses possibilités, voyez cette page de documentation sur les notifications.

WebSearch - search TWiki site

WebChanges - what's new

To check for the most recently edited topics while on-site, use the Web Changes link, usually located in the toolbar. It lists the most recently modified topics, newest first, along with the first couple of lines of the page content.

This is simply a preset SEARCH. The number of topics listed by the limit parameter.:
%SEARCH{ ".*" web="Wok" type="regex" nosearch="on" order="modified"
reverse="on" limit="50" }%

WebRss and WebAtom - news feeds on recent changes

You can point your news reader at Web Rss and Web Atom to find out what is new in a TWiki web. Web Rss Base and Web Atom Base have the details. Like Web Changes, this is based on a %SEARCH{}%.

WebIndex - list of topics

Web Index lists all web topics in alphabetical order, with the first couple of lines of text. This is simply a preset SEARCH:
%SEARCH{ "\.*" scope="topic" type="regex" nosearch="on" }%

WebStatistics - site statistics

You can generate a listing manually, or on an automated schedule, of visits to individual pages, on a per web basis. Compiled as a running total on a monthly basis. Includes totals for Topic Views, Topic Saves, Attachment Uploads, Most Popular Topics with number of views, and Top Contributors showing total of saves and attachment uploads. Previous months are saved.

Configuring for automatic operation

  • You can automatically generate usage statistics for all webs. To enable this:
    • Make sure variable {Log}{view}, {Log}{save} and *{Log}{upload} in are set in configure. This will generate log file entries (see below).
    • The Web Statistics topic must be present in all webs where you want to have statistics. You can use the topic in the Main web as a template.
    • Call the twiki/bin/statistics script from a cron job, once a day is recommended. This will update the Web Statistics topics in all webs.
    • Attention: The script must run as the same user as the CGI scripts are running, which is user nobody on many systems. Example crontab entry:
      0 0 * * * (cd /path/to/twiki/bin; ./statistics >/dev/null 2>&1)
    • There is a workaround in case you can't run the script as user nobody : Run the utility twiki/tools/ in your cron job and specify the URL of the twiki/bin/statistics script as a parameter. Example:
      0 0 * * * (cd /path/to/twiki/tools; ./ /urlpath/to/twiki/bin/statistics >/dev/null 2>&1)
    • NOTE: will do a TWiki CGI request as the TWikiGuest user, so if you use this workaround, the WebStatistics topics you are updating will have to be writable by TWikiGuest.

When running from the command line or a cron job, you can pass parameters to the script like this:
./statistics -logdate 200605 -webs TWiki,Sandbox

Generating statistics manually by URL

  • The twiki/bin/statistics script can also be executed as a CGI script, just enter the URL in your browser. Examples:
    • Update current month for all webs you have access to:
    • Update current month for Accueil web only:
    • Update Oct 2018 for Accueil web:
    • Update Oct 2018 for the ProjectX, ProjectY and ProjectZ webs:

Log Files

TWiki generates monthly log files which are used by the statistics script
  • The log file is defined by the {LogFileName} setting in configure
  • The file name is log<year><month>.txt
  • Example path name: twiki/logs/log201810.txt
  • Each access gets logged as:
    | <time> | <wikiusername> | <action> | <web>.<topic> | <extra info> | <IP address> |
  • Example log entry:
    | 23 Oct 2018 - 21:01 | TWiki Guest | view | Web Rss |  | |
  • Actions are logged if enabled in configure by the {Log}{action} flags
  • Logged actions:
    Script Action name Extra info
    attach attach when viewing attach screen of previous uploaded attachment: filename
    changes changes  
    edit edit when editing non-existing topic: (not exist)
    rdiff rdiff higher and lower revision numbers: 4 3
    register regstart WikiUserName, e-Mail address, Login Name: user attempts to register
    register register E-mail address: user successfully registers
    register bulkregister WikiUserName of new, e-mail address, admin ID
    rename rename when moving topic: moved to Newweb.NewTopic
    rename move when moving attachment: Attachment filename moved to Newweb.NewTopic
    save save when replacing existing revision: repRev 3
    when user checks the minor changes box: dontNotify
    when user changes attributes to an exising attachment: filename.ext
    save cmd special admin parameter used when saving
    search search search string
    upload upload filename
    view view when viewing non-existing topic: (not exist)
    when viewing previous topic revision: r3


Configuring outgoing mail

Outgoing mail is required for TWiki Registration and for recent changes alert.

TWiki will use the Net::SMTP module if it is installed on your system. Set this with the SMTPMAILHOST variable in TWiki Preferences.

The notify e-mail uses the default changes.tmpl template, or a skin if activated in the TWiki Preferences.

mailnotify also relies on two hidden files in each twiki/data/Web directory: .changes and .mailnotify. Make sure both are writable by your web server process. .changes contains a list of changes; go ahead and make this empty. .mailnotify contains a timestamp of the last time notification was done.

You can use an external mail program, such as sendmail, if the Net::SMTP module is not installed. Set the program path in {MailProgram} in configure.

  • HELP Net::SMTP can be easily disabled (if there is an installation error) by setting SMTPMAILHOST in TWiki Preferences to an empty value.

  • TIP You can set a separate SMTPSENDERHOST variable to define the mail sender host (some SMTP installations require this).

Setting the automatic e-mail schedule

For Unix platforms: Edit the cron table so that mailnotify is called in an interval of your choice. Please consult man crontab of how to modify the table that schedules program execution at certain intervals. Example:
% crontab -e
0 1 * * * (cd /path/to/twiki/bin; ./mailnotify -q)
The above line will run mailnotify nightly at 01:00. The -q switch suppresses all normal output.

For ISP installations: Many ISPs don't allow hosted accounts direct cron access, as it's often used for things that can heavily load the server. Workaround scripts are available.

On Windows: You can use a scheduled task if you have administrative privileges. TWiki:Codev/CronTabWin is a free scheduler for Windows.

Site Permissions

  • TWiki Access Control describes how to restrict read and write access to topics and webs, by users and groups
  • Site Permissions lists the permissions settings of the webs on this TWiki site

Help with crontab

The crontab command is used to schedule commands to be executed periodically.

  • - crontab documentation
  • pycron - crontab for Windows

Related Topics: Admin Documentation Category, Admin Tools Category

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