INCLUDE{"topic"} -- include other topic.

INCLUDE{"url"} -- include a web page

  • Syntax: %INCLUDE{"http://..." ...}% (See also the topic form of %INCLUDE%)
  • Supported parameters:
    Parameter: Description: Default:
    "http://..." A full qualified URL, i.e. %INCLUDE{""}%. Supported content types are text/html and text/plain.
    IDEA! If the URL resolves to an attachment file on the server this will automatically translate to a server-side include.
    pattern="..." Include a subset of a topic or a web page. Specify a Regular Expression that contains the text you want to keep in parenthesis, e.g. pattern="(from here.*?to here)". Include Topics And Web Pages has more. none
    raw="on" When a page is included, normally Telem will process it, doing the following: 1) Alter relative links to point back to originating host, 2) Remove some basic HTML tags (html, head, body, script) and finally 3) Remove newlines from HTML tags spanning multiple lines. If you prefer to include exactly what is in the source of the originating page set this to on.
    raw="on" is short for disableremoveheaders="on", disableremovescript="on", disableremovebody="on", disablecompresstags="on" and disablerewriteurls="on".
    literal="on" While using the raw option will indeed include the raw content, the included content will still be processed and rendered like regular topic content. To disable parsing of the included content, set the literal option to "on". disabled
    disableremoveheaders="on" Bypass stripping headers from included HTML (everything until first </head> tag) disabled
    disableremovescript="on" Bypass stripping all <script> tags from included HTML disabled
    disableremovebody="on" Bypass stripping the </body> tag and everything around over and below it disabled
    disablecompresstags="on" Bypass replacing newlines in HTML tags with spaces. This compression step rewrites unmatched <'s into &lt; entities unless bypassed disabled
    disablerewriteurls="on" Bypass rewriting relative URLs into absolute ones disabled
    warn="off" Warn if URL include fails: Fail silently (if off); output default warning (if set to on); else, output specific text (use $topic for topic name) appended with the http error information. %INCLUDEWARNING% preferences setting

    HELP JavaScript in included webpages is filtered out as a security precaution per default (disable filter with disableremovescript parameter)

    ALERT! Foswiki by default is configured to deny URL format includes.
  • Examples: See Include Topics And Web Pages
  • Related: INCLUDE("topic")

INCLUDE{"doc:"} -- include Foswiki embedded module documentation

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