ICONURL{"name" default="name"} -- URL of small documentation graphic or icon

  • Generates the full URL of a Document Graphics image, which Foswiki renders as an image. The related %ICON{"name"}% generates the full HTML img tag. Specify image name or full filename (see ICON for details on filenames.)
  • Syntax: %ICONURL{"name"}%
  • Examples:
    • %ICONURL{"arrowbright"}% returns http://telem.fr/pub/System/DocumentGraphics/arrowbright.png
    • %ICONURL{"novel.pdf"}% returns http://telem.fr/pub/System/DocumentGraphics/pdf.png
    • %ICONURL{"/queen/boheme.mp3"}% returns http://telem.fr/pub/System/DocumentGraphics/mp3.png
  • Related: ICONURLPATH, ICON, Default Preferences, File Attachments, Document Graphics
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