Spaced Wiki Word Plugin

Display topic links spaced out: WebHome is displayed as Web Home.
Or use this plugin to display "underscore topic names" like Topic_name as Topic name.

Space Out Options

You can choose to switch on or off either display option.

Spaced out WikiWords will definitely make links more readable, but they can also produce "Odd Looking Sentence Case" links.

Use underscore topic names if you want total control over links:
  1. (Optionally) disable automatic linking of WikiWords. Do this if you are in the position to teach your users to only write links in bracket notation like [[WebHome]]. This is also how Wikipedia links are written. Bracket notation is necessary to create links for underscore topic names, but you can also mix both link notations.
  2. Use bracket notation without explicit link labels:
    • [[WebHome][WebHome]] - explicit link label, no spacing out
    • [[WebHome]] - link is label, so no explicit link label: this is spaced out
  3. Use underscores to create natural looking links:
    • A topic name such as [[Human_evolution]] will be rendered as Human evolution
    • Plain topic names like Human_evolution are not expanded; always use bracket notation

Syntax Rules

WikiWord links

You don't have to write any syntax. If this plugin is enabled, wiki words are automatically spaced out. Automatically spaced out are: TopicName, Web.TopicName, [[TopicName]].

Explicitly written link labels are not spaced out. Examples: [[TopicName][TopicName]] or [[TopicName][SomeOtherName]].

Underscore links

SPACE_OUT_UNDERSCORE_LINKS needs to be set to 1. Automatically spaced out are: [[Underscore_topic]], but not Underscore_topic (without brackets).

Spacing out search results

Link labels in search results are also considered 'explicit':

... is not spaced out automatically.

Instead write:


to generate: Spaced Wiki Word Plugin

More info on search syntax in Formatted Search.

Preventing spacing out of some words

Some words (often brand names and medical terms) are written in CamelCase notation and should not be spaced out. For example: CamelCase, DaimlerChrysler, MasterCard.

Define a list of words that should not get spaced out with DONTSPACE at the Plugin Settings below.


My links do not display spaced out

  • At Plugin test below, check if this plugin is enabled and if the correct spacing settings are applied.
  • You have used an explicit link label: with [[WebHome][WebHome]], "WebHome" is not spaced out. Use [[WebHome]] or [[WebHome][%SPACEOUT{"WebHome"}%]]
  • You have used underscore topic names without bracket notation. Always write [[Human_evolution]]
  • You are showing links from a search result. See Search Results above.

I try to write anchors with underscores

Anchors written as #Some_anchor are not supported. Use WikiWord syntax instead: #SomeAnchor

Some word are spaced out but shouldn't

See Preventing Space Out.

Plugin Settings

Plugin settings are stored as preferences variables.

  • One line description, shown in the Text Formatting Rules topic:
    • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = Display topic links spaced out

  • List of words that should not be spaced out (separated by commas or spaces):
    • Set DONTSPACE =

  • Where spacing is applied.
    • SPACE_OUT_WIKI_WORD_LINKS will space out WikiWord links to Wiki Word links
    • SPACE_OUT_UNDERSCORE_LINKS will space out Topic_name links to Topic name links
    • Remove anchor dashes when writing [[#SomeAnchor]]

  • Debug plugin: (See output in data/debug.txt)
    • Set DEBUG = 0

Plugin Tests

  • This plugin is <span class=.
  • WikiWord links will <span class=.
  • Underscore_topic links will <span class=.
  • NOAUTOLINK is not set. WikiWords will automatically create links. Test: Spaced Wiki Word Plugin
  • Anchor dashes will <span class=. Test: Plugin Settings

Plugin Installation Instructions

To install plugin:
  • Unzip the archive to the top of your directory
  • Visit configure in your installation, and enable the plugin in the {Plugins} section.

Plugin Info

Copyright: © Foswiki:Main.MartinCleaver (2002, 2004), Foswiki:Main.ArthurClemens (2007, 2008)
Release: 1.0.1
Version: 9953 (2010-11-11)
10 Nov 2010 Padraig Lennon: Foswikitask:Item9994 - Fix Release Version
23 Nov 2007 Arthur Clemens: made compatible to Foswiki; allow DONTSPACE to separated words by spaces.
05 May 2007 Arthur Clemens: fixed a wrong function call, thanks TWiki:Main.JohnFitzpatrick.
04 May 2007 Arthur Clemens: spacing out uses a Core function (from Plugins version 1.13; fallback for older versions); added support for spacing out of "underscore topic names"; added optional removal of anchor dashes.
20 Apr 2007 Arthur Clemens: updated with regexes from TWiki Core spaceOutWikiWord; added DONTSPACE option.
12 Apr 2004 Updated for TWiki 3
14 Apr 2002 First release
CPAN Dependencies: none
Other Dependencies: none
Perl Version: 5.0
Plugin Home:

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