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query country latitude longtitude time_zone region city postal_code area_code metro_code country_name continent method
%GEO{ "%REMOTE_IP_ADDRESS%" }% %GEO{ "%REMOTE_IP_ADDRESS%" }% %GEO{ "" }% %GEO{ "" }% %GEO{ "" }% %GEO{ "" }% %GEO{ "Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico" }% %GEO{ "Paris" }% %GEO{ "Paris, France" }% %GEO{ "Paris, Texas" }% %GEO{ "San Francisco, California, USA" }%

Sample queries that do not return results


Cuidad de Mexico
Mexico, D.F.
Mexico D.F.
205 Dorado Terrace, San Francisco
205 Dorado Terrace, San Francisco, CA
205 Dorado Terrace, San Francisco, CA, 94112
205 Dorado Terrace, San Francisco, CA, 94112, USA
San Francisco, 94112
San Francisco, CA, 94112
94112, USA
USA, 94112
San Francisco, 94112

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