Espace Mendès France‭

The adventure of science in all its diversity

The‭ ‬Espace Mendès France‭ ‬owes its existence to researchers from the University of Poitiers,‭ ‬strong advocates of popular science and education who in the‭ ‬1980‭’‬s went out to meet‭ ‬local residents to discuss their work and show,‭ ‬using‭ “‬hands-on‭”‬ demonstrations,‭ ‬that science could be accessible and even fascinating to the general public.‭

Situated in the heart of the Romanesque city,‭ ‬the center for scientific and technical culture of Poitiers is invested with three missions:‭ ‬popularizing the sciences and their professions,‭ ‬educating the public‭ ‬in science and technology,‭ ‬and providing a forum for discussion of social and cultural issues.‭ ‬These actions almost systematically involve researchers and scientists.‭ ‬They are carried out in partnership with universities,‭ ‬major research institutions‭ ‬and a multitude of non-profit associations and organizations,‭ ‬with the financial support of local and regional authorities and the‭ ‬French‭ ‬Ministry of Culture‭ ‬and Research.

The number of visitors has increased year after year:‭ ‬over‭ ‬114,000‭ ‬in‭ ‬2014,‭ ‬of which‭ ‬60,000‭ ‬attended events organized outside the center which were coordinated by the Espace Mendès-France,‭ ‬such as the science festivals‭ ‬la‭ ‬Fête de la science and‭ ‬La science se livre.‭ ‬Hundreds of scientists and other specialists have been invited to share their knowledge and dialogue with the public.‭ ‬Diversity is a key aspect of all of the EMF‭’‬s activities,‭ ‬in terms of both themes and‭ ‬topics.‭ ‬Temporary exhibitions cover a broad range of subjects,‭ ‬from Toumaï to Jules Verne,‭ ‬insects to mammoths,‭ ‬mathematics to chemistry,‭ ‬economics to germs,‭ ‬etc.‭

Other subjects in which the EMF has a special interest include health,‭ ‬research professions,‭ ‬astronomy‭ (‬the center has a planetarium‭)‬,‭ ‬information technology and sustainable growth.‭ ‬In the history of science,‭ ‬the EMF has developed a center of expertise which is unique in France.‭ ‬The multimedia cultural space is a small galaxy onto itself where teachers and creators come together to work on atypical interactive artistic projects.‭ ‬Traditional print media,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬still have a place at the EMF:‭ ‬Editions Atlantique has published fifteen works,‭ ‬and‭ ‬each quarter thousands of readers eagerly await their issue of L‭’‬Actualité Poitou-Charentes,‭ ‬a magazine dedicated to research,‭ ‬innovation,‭ ‬heritage and creation.‭

Recently,‭ ‬the center has been expanded to include two‭ ‬new‭ ‬spaces open to all:‭ ‬the Cyber-base and the DNA School.‭ ‬The former offers new services to users seeking training in basic computer and internet skills‭; ‬the latter is a center for information,‭ ‬awareness and discussion‭ ‬regarding the development of the life sciences.

The‭ ‬Espace Mendès‭ ‬France is a permanent site for exchange,‭ ‬culture and recreation which is open‭ ‬to‭ ‬everyone,‭ ‬every day of the week,‭ ‬where the general public and scientists,‭ ‬artists and players from all‭ ‬branches of the professional,‭ ‬educational and non-profit sectors naturally come together to share their ideas.‭

Director:‭ ‬Didier Moreau‭

Contact:‭ ‬Thierry Pasquier


The center is open to the public Tuesday to Friday‭ ‬9:30‭ ‬am to‭ ‬6:30‭ ‬pm,‭ ‬Saturday and Sunday ‬2:00‭ ‬pm to‭ ‬6:30‭ ‬pm.‭ ‬

Espace Mendès France
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1 place de la cathédrale - BP 80964 – 86038 POITIERS cedex
Tél. +33549503308 – Fax +33549413856
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